Rihanna Vs Chirs Brown Case

Chris Brown pleaded guilty to the charges against him in turn for his plea bargain in which he will not be doing any jail time. Instead, he will 180 days of community service in Virginia (8 hours a day/1440 hours total), be on 5 years of supervised probation to the felony assault, and he must enroll in domestic violence counseling program. Along with this, he must return to court every 3 months. He also has a stay away order against him, in which he must remain 50 yards away from Rihanna (but 10 yards away if they attend the same events). The stay away order is in effect for the next 5 years. Rihanna also has a protective order in her favor as well. Both parties have been warned & advised to NOT contact one another at all, & if one does, Chris Brown will be breaking probation & be sentenced to a minimum 4 years of jail time. However, Rihanna did feel that the "stay away" order wasn't necessary, and will try to have that reduced at the August hearing.

All in all, Chris Brown is now a convicted felon, and the judge made an effort to emphasize that Chris Brown was to be "treated as any other person who comes through this court."

Via: LeakJones


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