Diddys All White Party

So I tried to Post this a few days ago, But the pictures werent working.
Well At Diddys all white Party the very Pregnant Lauren London Showed off her Baby Bump which confirmed the rumors. I hear she is about seven months pregnant (by Lil Wayne) and now im just waiting on Nivea (who is also rumored to be pregnant by Wayne).

Amber Rose also showed up with Chris Brown, Rumor is they have been together alot lately? hmmmm ? Also she is back to the blonde. I guess the blue was a one night thing? or maybe kanye didnt like it and was about to give her the Boot! lol. Either way & any haircolor, she is BADD!

Speaking of Haircolors. What is Up with Chris Brown's Red Lightning bolt and Teyana Taylors Red Whatever the fuck that is underneath her hair. I cnt tell what kind of design it is. But maybe they are trying to start a new trend. We will see.


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