Latest Trend ... Michael Jackson

So, I havent done a Fashion Update in a Minute. And Recently, Ive noticed alot of this. I predict this is going to be the next big trend, atleast for females that is hip. Seeing that winter is coming, and winter you wear alot of jackets. I think many people will now be rocking the Michael Jackson Style, with the shoulder pads, sharp edges, leather, lots of black, sparkle, etc. Ive always admired michael jacksons style, and actually have a few jackets that have shoulder pads in them and I always was going to just take them out but never got around to it. Lucky me, because it seems this trend is about to begin, such celebrites like Rihanna have already Been inspired.

Christophe Decarnin's Balmain line has recently also been influenced by Michael Jackson. Here are a few examples from Autumn/Winter of this year.

And Somone Local who already is spreading the trend around the DMV! My friend Darius! I love him & his Original Stlye. It Killssss.


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