The Warning

Okay so supposedly Eminem claims that he and Mariah Carey were once in a relationship. Unfortunately Mariah denies the whole thing saying there was never and never will be a "Thing" between Her and Eminem.
So Mariah Takes it to a whole nother level by making a diss song toward which she claims was not referenced to Em called "obsessed"..Im not buying it and I dont think Eminem bought it neither. Mariah shouldve known better than to diss a guy who doesnt mind dissing you back i mean its eminem majority of his songs you will her him use another celebrity's name in it. Mariah Pretty much set herself up for disaster and now has to deal with Eminem's new song called "The Warning".
Oh and also.. Eminem says if she speaks back he will post their pics online. HE iS noT Rockin At All. LOL -Bam


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